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Hemal Trivedi, Producer/Editor

Faith Under Fire documents the outpour of support condemning the hearings on "Radical Islam" by the House Committee on Homeland Security. Rep. Peter King "does not have a clue" about all that American Muslims have done to help the FBI, CIA and law enforcement agencies after 9/11, says Imam Yahya Hendi, president of Clergy Beyond Borders and recipient of an FBI award for his wide-ranging efforts to help young Muslims understand "what it means to be a proud Muslim yet a proud American." Imam Hendi says he fears the hearings of the House Committee on Homeland Security may "paralyze so many possibilities" for young Muslims who dream of joining the FBI, CIA or law enforcement agencies by sending them the message, "No, you don't belong to America." 



  • Winner, DeRose Hinkhouse Award
  • NominatIon, Silver Telly Award.